Spotting leopards and elephants

Sri Lanka has many National Parks and you can pick the one that appeals to you most. Udawalawe is one of the biggest and it is your best chance of seeing elephants roaming free. There is a variety of terrains as well as very vivid bird life. If your heart is set on seeing a Sri Lankan Leopard, go to Yala where a sighting is most likely.

Discover Kandy

After visiting the “Temple of the Tooth”, be sure to take some time and explore the rest of Kandy. It is a big city located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka and it is a place of exceptional cultural and historical attractions. It stood strong as the last capital of the ancient king’s era in Sri Lanka. Kandy is in a beautiful setting as it is surrounded by mountains with tea plantations and a biodiverse forest. It also features the scenic Kandy Lake.

Explore Galle

Galle is on the South-West coast and it is known for its interesting mix of architecture (Dutch, Portuguese, British and Sri Lankan). It is a walled city and you can see the ocean on three sides! Inside you have everything from Colonial buildings, historic mosques and churches to museums and lots of fun and unique cafes and restaurants.  You might want to explore the beaches that are close by as they feature fisherman on stilts -which is an age-old art.

Have fun on the beach

Amidst all the exciting and wonderful things there are to do in Sri Lanka, you might want to take a breather on the beach. With opulent blue waters and lush green vegetation on the shore, Sri Lanka has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Sri Lanka truly is a wonder, with the perfect mix of natural beauty, rich history and colourful culture. Be sure to work some of these exciting points into your Sri Lankan itinerary this year!